Farm Fresh Eggs - From Our Ladies to You
Ivywild Farm produces fresh eggs weekly.  Our hens are allowed ample space (10 times the industry standard), fed organic feed, fresh fruits and vegetables from the organic garden, fed bugs (also from the organic garden) and scratch grains to encourage natural behavior.  Happy chickens make for great eggs, and we think our eggs are some of the best around.  Eggs are sold for $5.00 per dozen, or $4.50 per dozen, depending on the quantity you buy.  Try some and we think you will agree - our eggs are delicious!
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One of our ladies.
2015 Egg Prices

Egg Share (1 dozen eggs twice per month @ $5.00 per dozen) - $10 per month

Egg Share (1 dozen eggs four times per month @ $4.50 per dozen) - $18 per month