We proudly offer local, pure honey for your cooking, fresh eating, and health.  In our arid Colorado climate most bee keepers feed their bees supplemental feed.  We feed our bees only organic evaporated cane juice that is reconstituted in pure water.  Our honey is absolutely the best that money can buy.

If you are interested in honey for the 2015 season please contact us by using the "Contact" tab to get on the honey list.  Honey will be sold according to this list first; the list is limited to 20 lbs. of honey.  Once the list is fulfilled, and if we still have honey available, we will open up sale of honey to folks who may want additional honey shares.  On a light honey year it is possible that you may not get honey if you are near the bottom of the list; we will let you know as soon as we know how much honey is in the hive. 
2015 Honey Prices

1 lb. Honey Share (one jar) - $10
Available Honey
Golden Ivywild Farms honey.
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