Last updated  January, 1, 2015,
C. Faith
Ivywild Farm is an artisan farm located in the historic Ivywild neighborhood of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  We are small in size but large in principles.  We grow our produce without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.  Our chickens have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, and in times of drought our honey bees are fed organic feed. 

The food we produce has a smaller carbon footprint than food produced on larger farms, because we use no petroleum dependent farm machinery.  More significant for a water challenged city like Colorado Springs, we use 90% less water than conventional farming by utilizing an aquaponics system for much of our produce.

As an owner-operated small business, buying from Ivywild Farm does more to stimulate the Colorado Springs economy than buying from a chain grocer.  The revenue coming into Ivywild Farm  stays in Colorado Springs and is then re-spent in our local community.

Safe, delicious, nutritous food?  Check.  Healthy Environment?  Check.  Strong economy?  Check. We can have it all, and local,
Welcome to Ivywild Farm.
Your neighborhood, your farm.

sustainable agriculture is a key component in the new economic landscape.  We welcome you to join as we continue to develop new an innovative solutions for our community.

Peppers thriving in the greenhouse.
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